Our Scholarship Fund

Building a better world

Transforming Lives: The Whence Group Scholarship Initiative

WHENCE FINANCIAL SERVICES SCHOLARSHIP FUND DELIVERED SCHOOL ITEMS TO 46 BRILLIANT CHILDREN ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Yes…! The process to getting a better and brighter future has Continued for our brilliant and Intelligent friends across the Country.
Whence Financial Services has embarked on extending a hand to see the dreams of brilliant young girls and boys realized through the creation of a Scholarship Fund. We would like to thank the community and other stakeholders for being supportive to the institution.
School items like shoes, uniforms, books and other school essentials were successfully delivered to 46 brilliant pupils in community schools in Lusaka province, Central Province, Copperbelt province, Northern Province, Luapula Province, North-Western Province, Eastern province, Western Province and Southern Province.