Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment to Society

Corporate Social Responsibility

As Whence Financial services we are fully committed to carrying out our Corporate Social Responsibility with same dedication as we do everything else. Being a mission centric organisation, we believe in giving back to the community for the betterment of our communities and society in general.

Scholarship Fund

In 2021 we established a scholarship fund that supports more than 50 vulnerable children countrywide. Through the fund a selected number of children are supported with school supplies on a termly basis. This was born out of our conviction that everyone deserves a fair shot at a decent education, therefore the fund is our way of easing and helping out in that regard.
This support is provided to children in all the areas we operate in which presently is all the 10 provinces of the country. Ensuring a balanced, merit based approach to community engagement that benefits those amongst our communities that need it the most.

Quarterly Donations

Every quarter a selected branch makes a donation to an orphanage, care home, transit centre or any such places of their choice. This is another opportunity to positively impact our community at grassroots level by channeling resources directly to those needing them most. These donations take form of foodstuffs, groceries, school supplies, clothes and other such essentials.
The aim is to positively contribute to our communities by always striving to be a part of the solution in all the area we operate in through Corporate Social Responsibility.
Through this program, more than 50 different orphanages and care homes have benefited across the country. With the number projected to quickly double over the next couple of years.